Need to go home!

33 games played total so far and we have only been able to win TWO on the road. This is unbelievable to me. One can always look for excuses; we are one of the youngest teams in the league; we are physically drained; we seem disconnected from one another; we are inconsistent; we are unmotivated. But despite these excuses the fact remains that we are STILL in a position to compete, and we STILL have the chance to dig ourselves out of this mess. We are STILL able to control our own destiny. Our last game of the season is next week against #1 Canarias who already have the record to secure an automatic spot in the ACB for next year (top division in Spain). They are good. Really good. But we were able to play with them at their own house in January, and only lost by five. Everything has to go our way, and everything needs to be crisp and inspired. But we still have a chance. And I want to go home.



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