An Update.

After spending a few months in Sundsvall, I was given the opportunity to go to France to play for the small city of Challans for a month. It was a tough situation for me because although I had a great first game with 20p and 10reb in 30min, the coach who had brought me in was let go only a few days after my arrival. The team itself had been struggling all season, winning only two games over the course of the season, and losing at least six games by less than five points. However, I truly enjoyed my time in Challans, with a great fan base and friendly teammates. My apartment was right on the ocean front and although the wind would keep me up some nights, the experience of waking up to waves smashing the beach was quite luxurious. I even learned how to drive a stick shift, and noticed how similar of a language French is to Spanish. 

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