A week of family time

My family (Marina and my parents) arrived to Tarragona/Salou on Wednesday night. I had already arranged an apartment for them to stay in weeks before. We ate dinner on the boardwalk and caught up on some of the events happening back home. Dad wanted to watch one of our morning practices, as he always did when I was playing back in Sweden. I guess he likes to feel involved.

Friday was a sunny day and so we decided to have pizza on the beach before heading to my home game against #2 Burgos. It would come to be the first game my little sister Marina had ever seen me play. She has grown a lot, as she stands 4ft10, beautiful as ever, always smiling and full of energy. It will be quite a handful to keep boys off of her later in life, but I am undoubtly confident that her two above-six-foot-seven brothers will scare off at least a some of them, haha. She also plays basketball, as she wears my numer 13 on the back of her jersey. We ended up losing the Burgos game by 5points, leaving a sour taste in my mouth, as we furthermore most likely have to endure a playout, since Huesca won (the team below us). However, it was an intense game to watch and we played above expectations, and although the referees made some questionable calls, it only fueled the energy of our great fans. It was so loud that my mother had to shove pieces of napkins into my sisters ears to prevent her from getting a headache. It was hard being sad after that game as my sister ran up to me with a huge smile and gave me a big hug and told me how well I played. Despite the loss, what was most important to me at that moment was that I had made my family proud and that I could feel the love and support from them. I am really fortunate.

Saturday was the day we had planned to see Barcelona. Although we got lost for a few hours thanks to the terrible google map we had printed out (and the awful one-way streets that make no sense), we were able to see the most important things: gaudi's "la sagrada familia" and "park guell". Facinating architechture and ideas. After a lot of walking and a nice meal downtown, we went to bed early as my family was leaving at 4am that next day.


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