CBT vs Canaries

The Canaries game started out slow on our end. Guillen Ricardo, their veteran powerforward superstar, was not playing because of an injury, but the Canaries bench had no problem replacing his lack of presence. In the beginning, it seemed like the Canaries woulnd't miss a threepointer. Drive and kick, drive and kick. Incredibly athletic guards on that team. We also had a hard time getting defensive rebounds in the first half. Our defensive presence was slacking to say the least. We allowed the opponents to score an incredibly 65points in the first half (we scored 48). But we picked it up in the second half, winning the the second half by 8points (final score was 111-98). Unfortunately, this was too late. The Canaries team was entirely too good offensively. However, I was proud of our team effort and we really played one our best offensive games of the entire season. In the end, Huesca smacked La Palma by 20points, and so ultimately beating the Canaries had not affected our overall league standing, nor had it prevented us from being in the playout. Still, this was a good game to get a momentum into our playout games against Malaga.


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