Personal contribution in the Canaries game!

Personal stats: 8/8 (100%) from the field, 16points, 1assist, 1steal, 3rebounds (evaluation of 17)

Personally I think that the Canaries game was the best one I've played all year. I was able to lock down their star American, Jakim Donaldson, and hold him to 2points when I was on the court defending him. Unfortunately, he had 20p/12reb, in the game overall. But I felt like I had a big presence defensively. I knew Donaldson had a big firecracker motor, and I felt like I did a good job matching his intensity by staying active, always on my feet and never letting him feel comfortable to drive or shoot. Offensively, I was able to hit 17 footers, as well as a few nice post moves, tipdunks and I was even able to pull out a monster flush on Donaldson in a fast break (yeah, he fell). Stay tuned for highlights.

Overall I've been shooting 13/13 from the field in the last 2 games. I honestly think it's been the pregame ritual of a spanish redbull (called Energetica) right before the game starts. I'm not even trying to make a placement ad, this thing works for me. And it is all probably mental. But hey, do I care?


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