Saint George - yet another holiday!

During my time here in Spain I have realized a few things. For one, Spanish people like to rest - a lot. Except for the famous afternoon "siesta" (which I must say I do appreciate), it seems like there is a different holiday every week. If it's not the celebration of an old Roman holiday, it is a celebration of some guy who did something great and awesome at some arbitrary point in time. Just like the Jews look to justify their eating habits (They tried to kill us, We survived, Let's eat!), the Spanish look to justify yet another day of rest. However, it gets to be annoying at times since every grocery store in all of land tends to be closed during these holidays. But mañana mañana, as they say.

Today was the celebration of Saint George, a Roman military saint that died on April 23rd in 303BC (thank you wiki). According to my Spanish teammate Jorge (George) Santana, the standard in Catalonia is to give your woman a rose, while the man receives a book. I dont know what the suggestion is here. Anyways, our entire team posted up along the Tarragona plaza this morning to hand out free tickets to our final (and most important game) against Canaries on Friday. 

(The team posting up at the tent)

(The plaza)


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