The struggle!

We have been struggling all season long, winning only two games on the road, good for an overall record of 11-19. It is frustrating because we have lost several really close games, losing big leads only to choke in the end. Whether it's mental or physical, I still feel like we could have done better this season. However, we have four games left and we need to make the best of the situation we are in.

We are currently tied for 15th place out of 18 teams, which leaves us exactly one win away from what is called a "playout". The bottom team in the league automatically drops into the bottom division, while the next two bottom teams play a playoff round (best of 5 games) to see who furthermore will drop into the bottom division. Needless to say, NOBODY wants to be in the playout. It entails three extra weeks away from home, as well as an all-out round of to the death basketball games.


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