A much needed update!

So we went 3-0 in the playout against Clinicas Rincon, thank goodness. This means that CB Tarragona is allowed to stay in the LEB Gold league next season, something that can silently be celebrated. This year has been a learning experience, with as many struggles on as off the court. But I do feel a sense of accomplishment. Berni, our head coach (and former ACB player) says that appreciation often does not come from the positive experiences, but from the reflections of the negative ones. Very true. Some pictures of our trip...


(Our amazing trainer Olga at team dinner. Poppin' bottles)


(Night walk at Benahavis)


(Hotel at Benahavis. Middle of the green mountains.)


(Devon doing what he always does...working hard on a summer tan...pause.)


(12hr bustrip break. 90 degree weather, and yet snow lingers on the mountain tops.)



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