We celebrate like we won a ‘ship!

After winning our last playout game at Malaga, the dark cloud surrounding CBT finally lifted. Although we had hoped for a better season, we still accomplished something in the end. We finally got a small taste of winning. The night after our final game was celebrated as if we had won a championship, with champagne bottles and happy smiles. I asked if we get a trophy for winning the losers bracket, haha. In all seriousness though, we finally played like a team come playout time. JMitch finally started racking up huge figures in scoring, “gettin buckets” as we say. Big Andrej stepped up bigtime on the rebounding side, and was able to pull two season records I’ve never seen before. For one, he was able to utilize only two pairs of shoes for the entire season (a total of 39 games and over 300 practices). Amazing what a bit of tape can do. Talk about recycling. Secondly, he is the only person I’ve seen who has forgotten his shoes (the only essential equipment for a basketball player) at home for an away trip, not once, but twice in a season. Haha, much love man. Devon, our young ACB loaner and point guard, also stepped up big and was able to control the game like he should have been doing all year. Good job averaging 1 assist per game for a PG! Pass the damn ball, haha!!! Check out the body bag below though. He got bunnies. (turn off the sound tho. its messed up for some reason)



As for the rest of the crew, I’d like to thank everyone at CBT and all of our Spanish players for making this experience one to never forget. Through the ups and downs, it is clear that we all came together when we really needed to. It’s been a grind, but life always is. We try to make the best of it. And that is how I will go about life from now on.



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