Practice games end 3-0

Good weekend for our Sundsvall Dragon team (3-0). With only a few practices under our belt going into the preseason tournament, it was clear that there is still a lot of work ahead of us -- especially on defense. We played a Finnish team twice and Uppsala (a local team) once. We probably averaged more than 90 points as a team -- clearly offense is not a problem for us. I was the leading scorer twice with 14p (12reb) and 23p respectively, but this was a preseason game so I don't take much from it, more than a little bit of a confidence booster going into the regular season. I love our coach, Peter Öqvist, a firecracker of a coach, and he has designed a great system where every player can play every position. Our two american stars actually hail from Philly -- small world eh. Alex Wesby played at Temple University, and Michael Cuffee grew up in North Philly when he was a kid. They both know Jerome "Pooh" Allen. Of course.





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